Allergen-Friendly Plant-based Halloween Candy

Guess who’s back, back again.
Brittany’s back, tell a friend.
Or, you know, don’t. I’m chill.

After a weirdly long blogging hiatus, I decided to blog about the one holiday that I care the LEAST about – Halloween.

Halloween has always been weird to me. Be someone you aren’t for a day; celebrate darkness; load up on sugar; encourage kids to go to strangers houses and talk to them and take things from them (even though we tell them not to the other 364 days of the year…). I maybe understand the dress up as a Disney princess or Storm Trooper thing for kids and all… but I don’t know. The rest is sort of lost on me. I know you’re probably all like “what’s wrong with Brittany, why does she hate fun”, but I’m just creepin’ it real with you guys.

I DO love pumpkins, though. So a surplus of those everywhere I’m down with. I like to get lots of little ones and group them together. I call them “pumpkin friends“. I’m REALLY cool.

But yeah… I’m not a huge candy person either. I know, I know. You’re like “WHY ARE YOU EVEN WRITING THIS POST.”. And I’m all like “I’LL TELL YOU IN ONE SECOND, GOODNESS GRACIOUS.”. I guess someone won’t be going as a “patient person” for Halloween…

I’m writing this because there doesn’t seem to be a lot of general information out there about what candy is gluten-free, dairy-free, peanut-free – you know. Allergen-free. Or vegan for that matter! There are lots of kids with allergies or dietary restrictions and I have known some to stay home on Halloween instead of trick-or-treating with their friends because a lot of the candy that they would get would be full of allergens. Candy is already full of crap (I’m looking at you, refined sugar and high-fructose corn syrup), so why does it need to have allergens in most of it too? It’s sad to me that some kids don’t get to participate or have to throw out most of their candy just because we don’t want to read labels. Have you ever told a kid no to having candy or tried to throw it away in front of them? Let’s do it for those kids. Better yet, let’s do it for those parents!


Well – better news. There is some candy out there that is allergen-free (for the most part) and even some that isn’t AS bad for you (for the most part). Even your local grocery store has lots of this kind of mainstream Halloween candy. And I’ve made a list. I love lists. People love lists. Let’s do this thang!

Sour Patch Kids. Jelly Bellies. Rockets. Swedish Berries. Jolly Ranchers. Dots. Skittles. Smarties (the chalk-y kind). Fuzzy Peaches. Sweet Tarts. Twizzlers. Swedish Fish. Air Heads. Hubba Bubba. Nerds. Gobbstoppers. Blowpops.


That list isn’t entirely comprehensive. But it’s a good start! I bought these Rockets and this box of Maynards gummy Halloween candy from Save On Foods. Boom. Done.

There’s also lots of more “hipster” candy that is delicious and better for you than the mass-produced stuff. I ordered these two packs of suckers online from Vegan Supply in Vancouver. If you haven’t checked them out before, they are absolutely an amazing local company. They carry such great brands and things I can’t seem to find anywhere else (especially out here in Cow Town). It’s like a vegan’s paradise. They even have a “gluten-free” section under “specialty collections” on their website, so it’s super fast to find things that are vegan and gluten-free! Finally. Someone gets me.


Back to these suckers, though. Suckers are so under-rated. And these ones take the cake. Both are organic, allergen-free, non-GMO, naturally flavoured and coloured with fruit juice instead of dyes. The Yum Earth ones taste AMAZING. For reals. The Perfectly Peach flavour tastes like Fuzzy Peaches. And the Wholesome ones are yummy too and are in these cute little skull and ghost shapes!

There are SO many other things that you can hand out rather than candy, though! Think of the ones you already know or maybe already hand out – like fruit snacks or bags of chips! But what about something more fun? Bubbles, glow sticks, stickers, fake plastic bugs, bouncy balls or even temporary tattoos!

We don’t have any kids that come to where we live, so I can’t even hand all of this candy out… and that’s like the only thing that I like about Halloween! Sigh. Anyone wanna come bring me a “pumpkin friend” in exchange for some candy? Now THAT’S a holiday I can get behind! Pumpkin Friend Day. Why am I not in charge of the world yet?!

Didn’t even have to say “BOO!” to scare you. Not with a concept like that, anyway.




7 thoughts on “Allergen-Friendly Plant-based Halloween Candy

  1. Btegs, you’re just my favourite. I totally lol’d and snorted right along with you while reading this. Our principal has said we are not allowed to bring candy to school that has dairy or soy, so this was helpful to me!!! (Even though I’ll all allergens, all the time)
    I don’t want to be a hipster vegan though, so I keep.comong back for more!!

    Liked by 1 person

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