What am I even doing?!

Great question. I keep asking myself the same thing.

I thought blogs were for cool people. The ones with the amazing photos, hilarious writing styles and interesting lives. People worth reading about.

Then I realized it wasn’t as much about me, as it was my passions. Then the internal screaming stopped. Haha! For quite some time now I have been so passionate (sometimes read as “obsessed”, let’s be honest here) with how to live in the way that is best for my body. Because it was hating me. Boy oh boy, was it hating me.

Now let me get super serious here and share the deep dark part of my life that led me to start sharing my life, recipes and recommendations on the internet. Even though I won’t share my feelings when someone sincerely asks “How are you?”, apparently I can share these things. I’m weird. Well let’s get to it! 

When I was 17 I got sick with something that (according to my specialist) brought on an autoimmune kidney disease, that went undiagnosed until I was 22. During the time in between, it seemed that my body was breaking down. I was continually sick, was exhausted constantly and was developing different allergies as time went on, among other things. After diagnosis, many tests and lots of medications I thought that my body would rebound and I could be healthy and energetic again. It wasn’t until a couple years later when I got maxed out on one of my medications because my body kept getting worse that I realized that my conventional way of living had to change. It wasn’t doing my body well to continue the same thing expecting a different result.

My husband and I had already been gradually cutting out conventional products – cleaners, toiletries, make up (don’t worry, just me on that one) and the like. So we ditched everything left that we hadn’t cut out to begin with. Shout out to my husband for being so patient and willing to go along with me, even if it means cleaning with things that seem like science experiments and sticking his fingers in his armpits to put his deodorant on in the morning. He’s the real MVP.

We used up, donated and threw out food that had made my body react poorly in tests and the elimination diet exercise. I cut out gluten, dairy, eggs, peanuts and anything that comes out of the sea. Yes, even algae. And kelp. And seaweed. My body is a jerk. Thomas is just plant-based, though. The lucky butt can have peanuts. PEANUTS. And normal bread. And sushi with avocados and cucumbers. I’m so jealous. And now hungry.

Here’s the thing: I knew for years that I had allergies/intolerances to these things, but continued to eat them because let’s be honest, they are delicious. And I’m also not the smartest. Because only after a month I felt like a new person. I had energy, wasn’t continually sick to my stomach, didn’t have a constant headache, and the list goes on.

After a few months I saw my specialist and didn’t initially mention the change in diet. I wanted an unbiased opinion on if anything had changed numbers-wise. My specialist said that my numbers “significantly dropped” for the first time ever. It was the first time that my medications didn’t get increased. He asked what I did. I told him the truth: I was using food to fuel and heal my body, instead of using food as a reward or a vice.

So all this to say, my mission with this blog is this: I want to share with you my journey of plant-based eating and natural living. That means my own recipes, reviews and adaptions of others’ recipes; restaurant recommendations and travel tips; DIY products and store-bought suggestions; and how it is being vegan and gluten-free in real-life Farmville. Sometimes I might share other things too. Ooooh, mystery and suspense. It’s gonna be a ride. I’m already terrified. Hopefully you aren’t and you can get a smile or laugh, or even some inspiration or ideas out of it. Or at least you can laugh along with me. Or at me. Whatever, I guess. But through it all I promise you: it will be worth… the whisk.

Yikes. A pun already? We just met. How awkward. Who does this girl think she is?!


10 thoughts on “What am I even doing?!

  1. Awesome start excited to read more! Really great style of writing (I started reading everything in your voice after the first ‘Haha!’) Keep it up!


  2. Phenomenal first post – you are an excellent writer and an amazing person for doing this! And I wish you nothing but the best in your future discoveries about food, and really, yourself ❤


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